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Inov-8 Mistlite Shell Jacket

Inov-8 Mistlite Shell Jacket

My general running windproof/waterproof had long since departed to the graveyard of kit to be used and abused, with the January sales in full swing I was on the look out for a replacement and hopefully a bargain.

In the end I settled on a Inov-8 Mistlite 210 Shell for a number of factors. Firstly Inov-8 is a brand I am well versed with and having used their packs and trail shoes for a number of years, it is one that I trust.

Secondary it ticked all the big boxes, but in truth that is true of any number of jackets available in a similar price range.

What I like about the Inov-8 team is that they also tick the small boxes, the ones which show an in depth understanding of our needs, well my needs anyway. Maybe it isn’t rocket science but too bring it all together in to a product which is finished to a high standard and priced sensibly is a formula they seem to have mastered.

So lets get the big boxes out the way, is it waterproof, yes. Is it windproof, yes. Does it fit well without restricting movement, yes for me. Is it lightweight, yes (210 grams). Is it finish to a high standard, yes.

OK, so what are those small boxes?

Well firstly I would point to the reversible front pocket, nothing earth shattering here, except the design of the pocket makes carrying the jacket more like wearing a belt rather than having a jacket slung around your waist. In bum bag mode you have room for other small essentials (compass, map for example) and it is finished with a buckle whistle. The zip on the same pocket and the second chest pocket, the same high quality zips to be found on the rucksacks, so far for me 100% reliable and waterproof in some pretty challenging conditions. The concealed hood which is well fitted so that it doesn’t whiplash your face on the those windy trail runs. The high collar which just feels nice and snug and the fetching and slimming :) black, with plenty of reflective print and trim. Lastly it is a quiet jacket with little annoying friction swish.

So in summary all of these features in isolation could be considered small beer, however I feel bringing them all together in to one sensibly priced product, makes this a jacket very worthy of your consideration, it is certainly a puchase I am very happy with.

By Frenchy

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