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Go Lite Trig 2 single skin tent

The Go Lite Trig 2 tent is the first single skin tent that I have used, the reasons for wanting a single skin tent are:

  1. I wanted a good lightweight tent for general use for myself and my dog Scratch.
  2. My LAMM partner and I needed a lightweight tent for the 2004 Glen Carron Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon.

The Trig 2 is a minimalist tent being single skin, and having no poles you need to either pitch it under a tree/in a wooded area or use trekking poles. This does add to your weight if you don’t use trekking poles but if you do then it’s an added bonus. Because we were using it for the LAMM weight was important so I took a Leki ultra light trekking pole, cut off the handle and removed the tip, at full extension it was just long enough to use as a front pole and because of the way it pitches you can get away without a pole at the rear, just pitch the tent on flat ground with a rise at the back.

The fly-sheet as such, of the tent is impregnated with Si-Lite (Go Lite’s own silicon treatment) which makes it ‘ultra breathable, ultra lite and ultra waterproof’, the seams use stitching which swells when wet so negating the need for taped seams. The floor is 100% waterproof being PU coated and seam sealed with a bathtub design so water can’t run into it. For fine night’s you can roll up the flaps all around the main tent to allow better ventilation through a 3 to 4" midge netting that joins the bathtub floor with the fly. This airflow helps to reduce the amount of condensation that is part and parcel with single skin tents. There is a large vestibule at the front for your gear, sacks and boots, also large enough to safely cook in if raining outside. Once you’re ready for bed just get yourself inside the spacious interior and zip closed the full ‘no see um’ midge netting door so you can survive the night without being eaten alive. The interior is also tall enough at the entrance end that you can sit up fully which is much needed to undress etc.

I have used this tent in Scotland, the Lake District, Wales, Croatia and Spain. In Croatia it withstood a full on thunderstorm, in the Lakes and Scotland it has been used for the KIMM and the LAMM in cold full on storm conditions and performed excellently.

Pros: Very lightweight, well sized for a 2 and a palace for 1, erects very quickly and easily with or without poles and is super stable in high winds. Fully midge proof (which is very important for our climate). An excellent 3-season fast/back packing tent.

Cons: Can’t be split for 2 day events such as the LAMM, so one person has to carry all the weight (but you can balance out your packs in other ways), in cold & rainy conditions condensation does build up on the inside, giving you a slight shower when the wind or rain buffers the fly.

*** The Trig 2 I have is an old version, there are now 2 versions being the Trig 1 & Trig 2.

The weight of mine is 1160g (body) + 110g (stakes)

New Trig 1 = 990g (body) + 170g (stakes)

New Trig 2 = 1330g (body) + 170g (stakes)

Review by Charles Sproson

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