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Stoves and Cookware

Fire is your friend. Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to produce hot food, a stove also provides heat, light, the ability to steralise water (in most cases, see our water filters for more information) - and can even be used as an emergency beacon.

Our selection of lightweight stoves offers something for everyone wanting to move quickly in the mountains, with various fuel types on offer - including gas, multi-fuel and solid fuel stoves. We also offer a range of stove types, each with their own benefits detailed below, to ensure there is something to suit your needs.

Stove Types

Piggyback Stoves:

Small, packable and lightweight. Ideal for fast and light travel on mountain marathons and adventure races where space and weight are at a premium. However, have a high centre of gravity so can be unstable.

Remote Canister Stoves:

Offer greater stability than piggyback stoves at the cost of a gain in weight and pack size. Often have larger burners for increased output and faster cooking times.

Fuel Types

Gas Stoves:

Gas fuel canisters are easily acquired in most countries and offer a clean, safe solution. Do not always function well at altitude.

Multi-fuel Stoves:

Ideal for use on expeditions and world travel where available fuel types vary, or when cooking (or melting snow for water) at high altitude. Often provide higher output and reduced cooking times (depending on conditions).

Solid Fuel Stoves:

Solid fuel stoves offer users a safe, durable and easily manageable fuel source for ease of transport at the expense of increased cooking times and lack of control over the flame.

Camping Solutions Frontier Stove - Free Shipping

Camping Solutions Frontier Stove - Free Shipping

This is an excellently light, packable multi-fuel burning stove

Primus EtaPackLite Stove & 1.2 ltr Pot

Primus EtaPackLite Stove & 1.2 ltr Pot

This is a stove that really deserves its name - it's extremely small and easily collapsible. The stove consists of a base with a burner and piezo igniter, windscreen, a 1.2 liter pot and a lid in sturdy polycarbonate plastic which can also serve as a colander.

Primus Express Spider Stove

Primus Express Spider Stove

The ExpressSpider is one of the lightest hose-mounted gas stoves available. As its name indicates, it uses the same technology as our ExpressStove topmounted gas stove.

Primus Express Stove (piezo)

Primus Express Stove (piezo)

The new Express stove has a unique combination of low weight and durability.

Jet Boil Stoves Hanging Kit

Jet Boil Stoves Hanging Kit

The kit attaches securely to your PCS/GCS burner for suspended cooking with any PCS/GCS vessel.

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